Luigi Bormioli
The company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Luigi Bormioli, who led it to international prominence. Bormioli Luigi spa is one of the leading glass manufacturers producing blown tableware articles in lead free crystal glass using the most advanced techniques.

Since 2006 the company has continuously invested in new technologies offering an extensive range of innovative high-quality products and services to meet the needs of the hospitality industry.

With its innovative High-Tech blown lead free crystal glass "SON.hyx" and the Titanium reinforced, a registered International patent by Bormioli Luigi, the company today is at the forefront in providing its customers strong glasses with increased strength.

Bormioli Luigi offers a collection of professional hi-tech products, totally transparent: Ultra Clear crystal glass (ISO/PASS IWA 8:2009), sparkling, strong and resistant to over 4.000 industrial washing cycles: sparkling maintained.


DOC Stemware #3409/ pk 6pcs
DOC Stemware #3058 pk 6pcs
DOC Stemware #3128 pk 6pcs

Elica DOF Tumbler #9069 pk 4pcs
Elica Hi-Ball Tumbler #9070 pk 4pcs

Esperienze Stemware #8734 pk 4pcs
Esperienze Stemware 08733 pk 4pcs
Esperienze Stemware #8730 pk 4pcs

Strauss Tumbler #3228 pk 4pcs
Strauss Tumbler #3226 pk 4pcs
Strauss D.O.F. Tumbler #3248 pk 4pcs
Strauss Hi-Ball #1990 pk 4pcs
Strauss Long Drink #3234 pk 4pcs
Strauss Tumbler #3230 pk 4pcs

Lilac Small Bowl RM 307 pk 4pcs
Lilac Serving Bowl RM 308
Centerpiece RM 310
Charger RM 312
Charger RM 313
Charger RM 314
Charger RM 315
Charger RM 316

Irede Dessert Plate Lime
Irede Dessert Plate Pearl
Irede Dessert Plate Cornflower
Irede Dessert Plate Cyclamen
Irede Cake Plate Cyclamen
Irede Cake Plate Cornflower
Irede Cake Plate w/Footer Pearl
Irede Cake Plate w/Footer Cyclamen
Irede Cake Plate w/Footer Lime
Irede Cake Plate w/Footer Cornflower

Ravel Hi-Ball #3247 pk 4pcs

Romantica Beverage Tumbler
Romantica All Purpose Tumbler

Canaletto Stemware #8321 pk 4pcs
Canaletto Hi-Ball #6911 pk 4pcs
Canaletto Stemware #8320 pk 4pcs

Celebration Gold and Cream Charger (L) #9392
Celebration Gold and Cream Charger (S) #9393
Celebration Silver and White Charger (L) #9394
Celebration Silver and White Charger (S) #9395
Celebration Gold and Red Charger (L) #9396
Celebration Gold and Red Charger (S) #9397

Emozioni Silver and White Charger #9010
Emozioni Amber Charger #9011
Emozioni Saphire Charger #9012

Parma 3pc Serving Tray Set #9003
Parma 4pc Serving Tray Set #9004
Parma 6pc Serving Tray Set #9005

Lucia Beverage PM 623 pk 4pcs
Lucia Beverage PM 624 pk 4pcs

Glitter Dessert Plate Copper
Glitter Dessert Plate Bronze
Glitter Dessert Plate Gold
Glitter Dessert Plate Silver
Glitter Cake Plate Copper
Glitter Cake Plate Silver
Glitter Cake Plate White
Glitter Cake Plate Red
Glitter Cake Plate Dark Blue
Glitter Cake Plate Green
Glitter Cake Plate Purple

Veronese Juice Tubler #7854pk 4pcs
Veronese Tubler #7512 pk 4pcs
Veronese D.O.F. Tubler #7501 pk 4pcs
VeroneseTubler #7853 pk 4pcs
Veronese Hi-Ball #7500 pk 4pcs
Veronese Tumbler #7511 pk 4pcs

Bach Hi-Ball #6694 pk 6pcs

LB 3-pc Saphire Serving Set #8806
LB 3-pc Orange Serving Set #8646
LB 3-pc Purple Serving Set #8647
LB 3-pc Green Serving Set #8648
Tangerine Mini Bowl RM 306 pk 4pcs
Tangerine Small Bowl RM 309 pk 4pcs
Tangerine Serving Bowl RM 311
M. A. Masterpiece 2pc Red Serving Set #8891

LB 4-pc assrtd Clrs Dsset Bwl Set #8559
LB Masterpiece 3-Sec Divided Dish #8174
LB 4-Sec. Divided Tray #8859
LB 4-pcs Serving Set #8860
LB 3-Sec. Divided Tray #8861
LB 5-Sec. Divided Tray #4186/
LB Pitcher 2.5 Lt. #7857
M. A. Masterpiece Decanter w/Hndl #8798
LB Set of 4 Tumblers #8657 pk 4pcs
LB Dessert Bowl S/4 #8726 pk 4pcs
LB Masterpiece D.O.F. #6912 pk 4pcs
LB Masterpiece Stemware #6997 pk 4pcs
LB Masterpiece Hi-Ball #6995 pk 4pcs
LB Masterpiece Iced-Tea #9108 pk 4pcs
LB Masterpiece Large D.O.F. #9123 pk 4pcs
LB Masterpiece 3 Oval Dishes Set #4165
LB Masterpiece 2 Oval Dishes Set #8805
LB Masterpiece Divided Tray #7605
LB Chip'n Dip 2pc Set #4161
M. A. Masterpiece Tubler #7101 pk 4pcs
M. A. Masterpiece Stemware #7100 pk 6pcs

Alfieri Tumbler #8168 pk 4pcs

Riflessi 2 Trays Set
Riflessi 3 Trays Set
Riflessi Serving Bowl 9.5"
Riflessi Small Bowl 6.5"

Gocce Soup Plate #9213
Gocce Charger #9211
Gocce Serving Bowl #9216
Gocce Centerpiece Bowl #9219