At bébéconfort we understand the thrill of having a new baby in the family and the excitement of spending time together, discovering the world as you both grow - as a parent and as a curious, wide-eyed baby.

BibConfort wide neck,240ml
BibConfort wide neck,2 teats 150ml
BibConfort wide neck,2 teats 240ml
BibConfort wide neck,2 teats 360ml
Wide-neck bottle,240ml
Classic Curved glass bottle,240ml
Straight polycarbonate bottle,240ml-Microbebette
Straight polycarbonate bottle,340ml-Microbebette
Straight polycarbonate bottle,120ml-Lapin
Straight polycarbonate bottle,340ml-Lapin
Set 2 Evid 270 ml bottles + 1 milk measure
3 teats for newborn,round end,nat'l rubber
2 teats for newborn,round end,silicone
3 teats for older babies,round end,nat'l rubber
3 variable flow teats,round end,nat'l rubber
Wide-neck bottle-brush w/teats rinse
Bottle-brush and teats rinse
Bottle-brush w/sponge tip
Carrying case for 2 dummies
Dummy attachment ribbon w/round decorative clip
2 decorative dummies,profile end,silicone,# 1
2 decorative dummies,profile end,silicone,# 2
2 translucent dummies,reversable flat end,silicone
Microwavable container
Melamine plate,Microbebette
Melamine bowl,Microbebette
Melamine cup,Microbebette
Melamine plate,bebe
Melamine cup,bebe
Melamine cup,lapin
Knife,fork and spoon
Lapin lunch box
All-purpose bottle cup
Roller cup
2 flexible spoons for Mum
Ergonomic metal cutlery set
2 soft,long-handled spoons
2 soft,heat-sensitive spoons,blue
Ergonomic starter fork and spoon
Apron bib small design
Apron bib small design
Embroidered padded bib
Printed bib
Jersy-lined towelling bib,size 2
Jersy-lined towelling bib,size 3
Set of 3 towelling bibs
Padded WC booster seat
Foam door stop
Door lock
Cupboard handle
4 adhesive angle brackets
3 drawer stops
10 socket covers w/2 keys
bébé à bord
Travelling milk dispenser vertical
Short-Bladed Safety Scissors
Round-Ended Safety Scissors
Special Baby Nail Clippers
Box of 20 Disposable Bibs
32 Ultra-Absorbant Nursing Cushions
Swimming Shell
Swimming Animal
2 Water Squirters
Classic Potty
Two-Tone Extra-Comfy Potty Sky Blue & White
Two-Tone Extra-Comfy Potty Anis Green & White
Padded Toilet Booster Sky Blue
Siege Reducteur WC Turquoise
3 Floating Animals
4 Clothes Hangers For Young Babies
Chillable Teething Ring
Chapodo Shampoo Guard
Chillable Teething Ring
Chillable Teething Ring
Chillable Teething Set
Gift Box
Magnetic Soft Toy
Activity Spiral

Vibrating Toy
Musical Box
Baby Toy
Caress Brush and Comb
Musical Toothbrush
2 Newborn Mittens
Milk Powder Srorage Container
Bot.+Teat Col Large Clean Brush
Melamine Soup Plate,Bambou
Melamine Bowl,Bambou
Melamine Cup
Bibs Sponge Size 1
Bibs Sponge Size 2
Training Cup &Folding Beak
Multifunctional Cup JDL
Fish Rattle

Wide-Necked Bottle 140ml
Straight Glass Bottle 110ml
Curv Plastic Bottle 120ml
Curv Plastic Bottle 240ml
Curv Plastic Bottle 360ml
Evidence Pur Bottle 140ml Sil.
Evidence Pur Bottle 270ml Sil.
"2 in 1" Bottle Brush
"2 in 1" Flexi Bottle Brush
Natural Birth Sponge
Round Synthetic Sponge
Brush & Comb (Nylon Bristle)
Decorated Brush & Comb (Silk)
Nina & Martin Meal Set (Melamine)
Geo. Sens. Meal Set (Melamine)
Melamine Cup Geo. Sensitive
Melamine Deep Plate Geo. Sensitive
Melamine Bowl Geo. Sensitive
Stainless Steel Cutlery Set G.S.
Set of Bibs T2 Geomet. Sensitive
Non-Drip Starter Cup Geo Sens.
Food Container (Microwavable) 450ml
Measuring Learning Box E
Compartmentalized Plate
Latex Dummies 2pcs. Size 1
Latex Dummies 2pcs. Size 2
Natural Latex Dummies 2pcs. Size 1
Natural Latex Dummies 2pcs. Size 2
Silicone Dummies 2pcs. Size 1
Silicone Dummies 2pcs. Size 2
Latex Teats 3pcs, Slow Flow
Latex Teats 3pcs, Med. Flow
Latex Teats 3pcs., Rapid Flow
Silicone Teats 2pcs, Slow Flow
Silicone Teats 2pcs., Rapid Flow
Carry Case for Soothers
Star Dummy Fastener
Chillable Teething Ring
Teething Ring Evidence S1
Ergonomic Bath With Drain Blue
Ergonomic Bath With Drain White
Ergonomic Bath With Drain Purple
Set of 3pcs for Teeth
Travel Toilet Booster Seat
Wide necked Bottle 140ml Sil.
2 Evidence Bottle Set 2700ml

Canne Viva HAB Oxygen Red
Canne Viva HAB Oxygen Black
Windoo Carrycot Oxygen Black
Windoo Carrycot Optic Pistache
Windoo Carrycot Optic Framboise
Windoo Carrycot Choco Mint
Baby Poncho Light Blue
Teknic Footmuff Optic Framboise
Teknic Footmuff Choco/Mint
Clip Parasol Oxygen Black
Clip Parasol Optic Frambois
Clip Parasol Choco/Mint
Essential Bag Oxygen Black

Essential Bag Optic Pistache
Essential Bag Optic Framboise
Essential Bag Choco/Mint
Essential Bag Oxygen Red
Essential Bag Oxygen Cream
Essential Bag Oxygen Night Blue
Essential Bag Starlight Grey
Essential Bag Mango Red
Essential Bag Grey Lemon
Big Bag Optic Framboise
Big Bag Orange Stripes

Duo Amplitude BB Doux
Duo Amplitude Bambou
Duo Amplitude Reve Farfadets

Ergonomic Bath White
Ergonomic Bath Blue
Amplitude Table BB Doux
Amplitude Table Bambou
Amplitude Table Farfadets
Amplitude Bath Support Grismet
Amplitude Baby Changer BB Doux
Amplitude Baby Changer Bambou
Amplitude Baby Changer Farfadets
Soft Changing Mattress Bambou
Soft Changing Mattress Farfadets
Ecleor Cradle+Arche Reve Farfadets
Evolution Cradle 2 Bambou
Evolution Cradle Starlight Grey
Evolution Cradle Reve Farfadets
Rocking Babywalker Bambou
Rocking Babywalker Farfadets
Sensation Playpen Reve Farfadets
Omega Highchair Bambou
Omega Highchair Reve Farfadets
Wooden Chair Choco Mint
Basic Table Seat Starlight Grey
Minimax Bed Starlight Grey
Minimax Bed Reve Farfadets
Creatis. Fix Car Seat Oxygen Black
Creatis. Fix Car Seat Optic Pistache
Creatis. Fix Car Seat Optic Framboise
Creatis. Fix Car Seat Choco/Mint
Creatis.Embase Unique
Group O Footmuff Oxygen Black
Group O Footmuff Optic Pistache
Group O Footmuff Optic Framboise
Group O Footmuff Choco Mint
Iseous Safe Side Cover Cream
Axiss Cover Cream
Trianos Car Seat Oxygen Red
Trianos Car Seat Oxygen Blue
Trianos Car Seat Choco Mint
Moby Car Seat Oxygen Black
Moby Car Seat Optic Framboise
Moby Car Seat Starlight Grey
Set 2 Evid 270 ml bottles + 1 milk measure

Loola Up Full Push Chair Oxygen Red
Loola Up Full Push Chair Oxygen Night Blue
Loola Up Full Push Chair Choco Mint
Loola Up Full Push Chair Mango Red
Loola Full Push Chair Oxygen Red
Loola Full Push Chair Optic Pistache
Loola Full Push Chair Choco Mint
Loola Full Push Chair Mango Red
Loola Full Push ChairOptic Framboise
Loola Full Push Chair Oxygen Night Blue
Milla Full Push Chair Oxygen Red
Milla Full Push Chair Choco Mint
Milla Full Push Chair Grey Lemon
Streety Pack Oxygen Red
Streety Pack Oxygen Night Blue
Streety Pack Choco Mint
Pushchair Frame
Wndoo Full Push Chair