(The Netherlands/Belgium)
Brabantia stands for nice products, but also for a nice environment. This is why we actively endeavour to create a better world in which we treat our natural treasures and resources with utmost care. We are aware that we are part of the environmental problem and that’s why we are constantly looking for greener improvements.

Pedal Bin 3L-Plastic Bucket -Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 3L Plastic Bucket - Matt Steel FPP
Touch Bin 3 Lt. Plstc Bkt -Brillant Steel
Pedal Bin 5L-Plastic Bucket -Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 5L Plastic Bucket, Matt Steel FPP
Pedal Bin 5L Plastic Bucket - White
Pedal Bin 5L-Plastic Bucket - Almond
Slide Bin 5 L -Brilliant Steel
Rectangular Touch Bin 10 Lt Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin Rectangular 10 L -Brilliant Steel
Built-in-Bin Rectangular 10 L -Brilliant Steel
Paper Box 10 L Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 12L-Plastic Bucket -Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 12L Plastic Bucket,Matt Steel FPP
Pedal Bin 12L-Plastic Bkt - Almond
Pedal Bin 12L-Plastic Bkt - Soft Blue
Pedal Bin 20L-Plastic Bucket -Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 20L Plastic Bucket,Matt Steel FPP
Pedal Bin 20L Plastic Bucket - White
Touch Bin 20 Lt. Mtl Bkt -Brillant Steel
Pedal Bin 25L-Plastic Bucket -Brilliant Steel
Rectangular Touch Bin 25 Lt Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 30L Metal Bucket -Brilliant Steel
Pedal Bin 30L Metal Bucket - White
Slide Bin 45 Lt Profile
Pedal Bin 45L-Plastic Bucket - Brilliant Steel
Touch Bin 45 Lt. Orange
Touch Bin 30L -Brilliant Steel
Touch Bin 40L -Brilliant Steel
Twin Touch Bin 2x20L-Brilliant Steel
Twin Pedal Bin 2x20L-Brilliant Steel
Touch Bin 50L - Metal Bucket-Brilliant Steel
Push Bin 50L -Brilliant Steel
Open Top Bin 50 L -Brilliant Steel
Sensor Bin 50L Brilliant Steel
Table Bin Matt Steel FPP
Table Bin Matt Steel w/Plastic Ring
Plastic Bag 3L/5L/12L/20l/30L (20 bags)
Plastic Bag 50L (10 bags)
Bin Liners White Sac 12L/20L/30L (40 bags)
Bin Liners White Sac 50L (30 bags)
Waste Paper Bin 7Lt -Brilliant Steel
Waste Paper Bin 7Lt w/Holes -Brilliant Steel
Waste Paper Bin 7Lt- White
Waste Paper Bin 15L -Brilliant Steel
Waste Paper Bin 15L - Profile
Waste Paper Bin 15L w/Holes -Brilliant Steel
Waste Paper Bin 15Lt- White
Waste Paper Bin 7L/15L/20L/30L Non Flammable
Conical Bin 5Lt/11Lt -Brilliant Steel
Built-in-Bin Separator

Iron Table Stl Mesh Top 110x30cm(Steam Iron Rest)
Iron Table Stl Mesh Top 110x30cm(Solid Steam Iron Rest)
Iron Tbl Stl Mesh Top 124x38cm-22mm(Steam Iron Rest)
Iron Tbl Stl Mesh Top 124x38cm-22mm(Solid Steam IronRest)
Iron Tbl Stl Mesh Top 124x45cm-25mm
Iron Tbl Stl Mesh Top 135x45cm-35mm
Iron Board Replacement Cover 110x30
Iron Table Cover 124x38 w/foam
Iron Table Cover 124x45 no/foam
Iron Table Cover 135x45 w/foam
Iron Table Cover 135x45 w/foam Sun
Laundry Bin 30L -Brilliant Steel
Laundry Bin 30L-Woodline/Brilliant Steel
Laundry Bin 50L-S.STL.Lid
Pull Out Clothes Line
Rotary 3 arms-30mtr.incl.Groundtube 35mm
Rotary 4 arms-50mtr.incl.Groundtube 35mm
Rotary 4 arms-40mtr.incl.soil spear 45mm
Rotary 4 arms-50mtr.incl.soil spear 45mm
Wallfix-Wall Mounted Rotary-25 Mtr

Milk pan 14cm
Milk pan 16cm
Frying pan n/s Platinum 20cm
Frying pan n/s Platinum 24cm
Frying pan n/s Platinum 28cm
Saucepan 16cm
Saucepan 18cm
Saucepan 20cm
Casserole 16cm
Casserole 18cm
Casserole 20cm
Casserole 24cm
Stockpot 24cm
Skillet 24cm

Can Opener with Metal Handle
Universal opener
Crown cap lifter
Tomato knife
Cheese slice
Paring knife
Food peeler
Garlic Press
Apple corer
Pastry/Pizza cutter
Whisk small
Whisk Large
Sauce ladle
Soup ladle
Vegetable Spoon
Spaghetti scoop
Large Spatula
Nylon spatula
Meat fork
Ice scoop
Potato Masher
Silicone Pastry Brush, Small
Silicone Pastry Brush, Large

Gas Lighter - Deluxe White
Gas Lighter - Deluxe S/S
Gas Lighter - Flame
Corkscrew Quickpull-redesign-White
Corkscrew Quickpull-redesign-Black
Kitchen Utensil Set S-Line
Mixing Bowl Set of 3 Matt Steel
S/S Universal Grater
S/S Sieve 75 Diameter
S/S Sieve 180 Diameter
S/S Sieve 200 Diameter
S/S Sieve 125 Diameter
Herb Rack-without herbs-Brilliant Steel

Toilet Roll Holder - Stailess Steel
Toilet Brush & Holder
Toilet Brush & Holder - Stailess Steel
Toilet Roll Dispenser - Stailess Steel
Bathroom Shelf Brilliant Steel
Single Cup Holder Brilliant Steel
Double Cup & Toothbrush Holder Billt Stl
Towel Hook S/S set of 2
Towel Arms S/S
Towel Rail S/S Brilliant Steel
Double Towel Rail S/S Brilliant Steel

Garlic Press
Can Opener
Universal opener
Crown cap lifter
Cheese slicer
Cheese slicer for soft cheese
Cheese knife
Paring Knife
Tomato knife
Grapefruit knife
Oyster knife
Food peeler
Food peeler Y-form
Asparagus peeler
Apple corer
Lemon grater
Food baller
Butter curler
Pastry/pizza cutter
Vegetable masher
Whisk small
Whisk large
Sauce ladle
Soup ladle
Vegetable ladle
Spaghetti spoon
Spatula small
Spatula large
Meat fork
Ice scoop
Pastry brush small
Pastry brush wide
Vegetable ladle Nylon
Spatula small
Spatula Large
Potato Masher
Whisk Large
Whisk Nylon Small
Palette Knife
Spaghetti Scoop
Sauce Ladle
Soup ladle
Slotted Spoon
Chinese Wok Turner
Pizza/Pie Server
Breakfast/Party Knife
Pot Scraper - Small
Pot Scraper - Large
Silicone Wok Turner/Pan Scraper
Silicone Kitchen Tongs

Canister Set-3 Window 1.4L - Profile
Canister Set-3 Window 1.4L -Brilliant Steel
Canister Set - 4 Window -Brilliant Steel

Canister 1.4L set of 3 - Coffee/Tea/Sugar
Canister Clip Lid 0.8L Acrylic
Canister Clip Lid 1.1L Acrylic
Canister Clip Lid 1.8L Acrylic