(The Netherlands/Belgium)

With Vero you can rest assured that we're using the latest cleaning methods and highest quality cleaning products and materials to ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your facility.

Vero Squeegee Ordinary - Small
Vero Squeegee Ordinary - Med.
Vero Squeegee Ordinary - Large

Vero Plastic Squeegee - Small
Vero Plastic Squeegee - Medium
Vero Plastic Squeegee - Large
Vero Plastic Squeegee Grey - Med.

Vero Squeegee Enforced-Medium
Vero Squeegee Enforced- Large
Vero Squeegee Enforced Jambo 75cm

Vero Squeegee Small W/Fringe 35cm
Vero Squeegee Med. W/Fringe 45cm
Vero Squeegee Large W/Fringe

Scrubbing Brush-Nylon
Scrubbing Brush-Union
Scrubbing Brush-Tampico

Bannister Brush - Cocoa
Bannister Brush-Polyester
Carpet Brush-Union

Floor Scrubber-Nylon
Floor Scrubber-Tampico
Floor Scrubber-Union

Metal Dustpan
Large Plastic Dustpan
Bannister Brush Set

Domestic Broom - Cocoa
Domestic Hair -Mix 30cm
Platform Broom-Mix 40cm
Platform Broom-Mix 50cm
Platform Broom-Mix 60cm
Bass Broom PPN 30cm

Metal Handle White-120cm
Vero Aluminum Handle 140cm
Wooden Sticks for Vero Squeegee
White Wooden Sticks for Vero Squeegee

Shoe Brush Set - Black

Wet Mop 400g
Wet Mop Holder
Flat Mop 60cm
Flat Mop Frame 60cm
Flat Mop 40cm
Flat Mop Frame 40cm