Arix designs, develops, produces and commercialize products and tools for household and car cleaning, items for personal care and hygiene, tools for professional cleaning. The use of innovative technologies and the know-how coming from important partnerships with important cellulose producers allowed Arix to develop and offer a wide range of products.

Scouring Pad 3pcs.
"Multi-Scrub" Fibres Coloured
Synth. Sponge Scourer 3Pc. W/Grip
Synth. Sponge Scourer
Synth. Sponge Scourer 2Pc. W/Grip
Splendelli Gold-Synth. Sponge Scourer w/Grip 2pc.
Synth. Sponge Scourer 3Pcs.
Splendelli Gold-Synth. Sponge Scourer 2pc.
Multipurpose Cell. Sponge
Synth. Antiscratch Spon. 2Pcs.Col.
Latex Gloves Small
Latex Gloves Medium
Latex Gloves Large
Cell. Sponge Teflon 3Pcs.
Bath Gentle Scourer 2Pcs.
Golden Wire Sponge 2Pcs. Blister
Steel Wool Rolls 12Pcs.
Steel Wool Rolls 24Pcs.
Metal Wire Sponge Strong 2Pcs.
Soaped Sponge 12Pcs. Box
Synth. Sponge Scourer 5Pcs.Color.
Synth. Sponge Scourer 10Pcs. Col
Golden Wire Sponge 3Pcs. Blister
Rub&Shine Mtl & Synth.Sponge 2pc
Steel Wool Hank 80grms.
Synth.Sponge Scrourer 2pc
Fiesta Synth. Sp. Non-Scratch 2pc
UFO Synth. Sp. Scourer Grip Round
Synth. Sponge Scourer Colored 5+1
Maxi Synth. Sponge Scourer Large 3+1
Maxi Grip Sponge Scourer Large 3+1

Cell.Sponge Cloth 3Pcs.
Cell.Sponge Cloth 5Pcs.
Cell.Sponge Cloth 10Pcs.
Cotton Floor Cloth 50x70cm
Yellow Dust Cloth 2Pcs. 40x38cm
ARIX Floor Cloth Cotton Terry 50x55
Draining Board Mat Decorated
Micro-Pad Microf. Double Use Pad
Igen Fresh Spo.3Pcs .Anti Pacteria
Floor Cloth 50x70 Mix Cotton
Micro-Grid Floor Cloth for Parquet
Microfibre Multipurpose Cloth
Microfibre Furniture Cloth
Microfibre Glass Cloth
Micromax 40-Multip. Cloth Pk-10 Yellow
Micromax 40-Multip. Cloth Pk-10 Pink
Micromax 40-Multip. Cloth Pk-10 Green
Micromax 40-Multip. Cloth Pk-10 Blue
ARIX Multipurpose Cloth 5pcs

Basic Iron Brd Printed Cover 125x47cm
Transparent Net Ironing Cloth
Silverdeco Iron Brd Metall. Cover 140x50cm
Triplex Iron Brd Cover Cttn+Foam+Felt
Max Iron Brd Cover Cttn+Felt
Energy Iron Brd Cover 138x50cm

ARIX Automotive
Synth. Car Sponge 6x11x16cm
Superwash Cell Sp. Grip Shape
Chammy Cotton Chamois-Cloth 44x53cm
"Miss Car" Synthetic Chamois
Synth.Chamois 44x53cm Case Pack
Tampone Car Synthetic Sponge
Car Kit 4pcs
Jumbo Car Sponge Grip Shape
Brill Touch Synth. Chamois+Microfibre
Car Synth. Chamois 40x42cm
Car Synth. Chamois + Sponge

ARIX Clean System
Progecta Indoor/Outdoor Broom w/Handle
Predicta Indoor Broom w/Handle
Suprema Indoor Broom w/Handle
Verura Indoor/Outdoor Broom w/Handle
Prodigio Push-Broom w/Handle
Dust Pan w/Handle
Set Dust Pan + Brush
Dust Pan w/Handle
Clothes Velvet Brush
Shoes Twin-Brush
Window Wiper w/Sponge
Toilet Set Brush+PP.Container
Dish-Washing Brush
Clothes Washing Brush
WC Set Brush+PP.Container
Mopi Cotton Mop 180g
Steel Handle 120cm
Mop Kit w/Cap. Texil 3 pc
Rapid Cotton Mop w/Handle
Rapid Cotton Mop Refill
Bannister Brush-Polyester
ARIX Bottle Brush
ARIX Natural Bristles Clothes Brush
ARIX Corn Broom w/Wooden Handle
ARIX Window Wiper Metal Small 26cm
ARIX Window Wiper Metal Large 36cm
ARIX Plastic Coated Steel Clothes Line
ARIX Adhesive Roller Clothes Brush
ARIX Plastic Pegs 12 PCS. - (L)
ARIX Plastic Pegs 20 PCS. - (S)

ARIX Aqua Massage
Synthetic Bath Sponge 3Pcs.Col.
Synth. Sponge+Massage 2Pcs.
Reviva Sisal Round Sponge
Mythos Loofah/Cotton Oval Sponge
Movida Synth Sp. 1/2 Sphere-Shape
Espuma Soft Sponge
Mousse Synth. Mass. Sp. Rect.
Body Cotton/Hemp Massage Pad
Frizzy Synth. Mass Mitt
Aloe Sisal Massage Glove
Pocket Soap Holder
Vigor Sisal Backscrubber w/Wooden Handle
Synthetic Massage Glove
Premium Massage Cell. Sp. Glove
Sweet Cott.Mass.Mitt Natura Beige
Glamour 2/Exfoliating Nylon Gloves
Vital Sisal/Cotton Massage Glove
Loofah Choop 13cm
Sanygena Sisal Sp. Brush w/Wooden Handle
Relax Sisal/Cotton Backscrubber
Pretty Rubber Body Brush
Fit-Br.Nat.Bristle Br. w/Wdn Detachable Hand
Reflex Wooden Massage Log
Fit-Joy Sisal/Cotton Massage Pad
Benefit Wooden Massage Br.w/Tips
Radium Wooden Feet Massage Tool
Fit-Dry Microfibre Towel

Boxi-Reclosable Dust Pan W/Handle
Dust Pan W/Handle + Brush W/Handle
Strizzo Set- Mop + Bucket
Merinos Wool Feather Duster
Ostrich Feathe Duster
Trial- Cobweb W/Extensible Handle
Dish- Washing Brush
Bottle- Brush
Clothes Brush With Synth. Bristles
Synth Feather Duster Multicolor
Degreaser Brush For Hot- Plate
Travel Set Shoes Brushes