The company is justly the leader among the producers of plastic articles in Europe and exports its products to more than 30 countries. Tontarelli products are notable for exceptional quality, stylish Italian design and prices, available for all customers.

Food Container "Nuvola Plus" Rect. Set 3x1L
Food Container "Nuvola Plus" Rect. Set 2x2L
Food Container "Nuvola Frigo" Rect. Set 3x1.15L
Food Container "Nuvola Frigo" Rect. Set 2x2L
Food Container "Nuvola Frigo" Sqr Set 3x1L
Food Container "Nuvola Frigo" Sqr Set 2x2L
Family Food Round Set 3pcx0.5Lt
Family Food Square Set 1x3- 2.5,1.5,&0.95Lt.
Family Food Rectangular Set 1x3
Set of Storage Jars 0.35/0.60/1.0Lt.
Freezy Line Set 1x4- 3.0,1.45,0.7&0.3Lt.
Round Tray 0.38cm
Rectangular Tray 40x27.5cm
Large Rectangular Tray 45x30cm
Salad Bowl 34cm
Salad Bowl 29cm
Fruit Salad Bowl 13.5cm
Salad Spinner 3.5 Lt.
Salad Spinner 7.2 Lt.
Colander 27cm x h 11cm
Sieve 19cm
Colander 32cm x h 13.5cm
Sieve Ø24cm
Colander w/Hndles "Nostalgia" 28.5cm
Serving Bowl w/Hndles "Nostalgia" 27.5cm
Bread Bin
Bread basket w/Tray
Round Cake Storer 30cm
"Mamy" Set of 6 glasses 0.35 Lt.
Cutlery Drainer 18.7x10.8x16.5cm
Brio Cutlery Drainer
Napkin Holder 18.7x10.8x16.5cm
Cutting Base w/Moplin Lid s/Wrapped
Citrus-Fruit Squeezer
Ice Tray 24.5x12x4cm
Spring and Screw Top Tap
Drip Saver s/Wrapped
Small Cutlery Tray 26.5x33.5x4.5cm
Twin Cutlery Tray 31x39.5x7cm
Large Cutlery Tray 37.5x41.5x4.5cm
Twin Cutlery Tray 31.7x41.8x7.7cm max. Ext.55cm
Cutlery Tray 26x34x6cm
Cutlery Drainer 18x16x13cm
Small Dish Drainer 45x26x9cm
Large Dish Drainer 47x38x9cm
Dish Drainer 39x39x11cm
Trolly with 3 Extractable Baskets 44.5x31.5x64cm
3 Tier Trolly w/Handles 40x29x62cm
Trolley set 1x3
Trolley set 1x4
Mutifunctional Container for the Sink

Clothes Pegs Large - Polybag 20pcs
Clothes Pegs Large - Set of 10 s/wrapped
Clothes Pegs Medium - Set of 10 s/wrapped
Clothes Pegs in Polybag 8/18/30/36/pcs
3-Tier Peg Basket
3-Tier Octo Peg Basket
Trouser Hanger Justine 29.5x18cm
Laundry Hamper 30Lt. - 31x36.5x50cm
Laundry Hamper 50Lt. - 41.5x34.5x63.5cm
Laundry Hamper 45Lt. - 41x29x54cm
Oval Laundry Hamper 45Lt.
Laundry Hamper 50Lt. - 34x45x64cm
Laundry Hamper 60Lt.-45x33.5x59.5cm
Laundry Hmpr w/6Lt internal Bskt 60Lt.
Basket 36x25.5x11.4cm
Basket 29x20.5x9.8cm
Basket 23x16.7x8cm
Multi Purpose Caddy 38x28x14cm
Multi Purpose Caddy 57x39x17.5cm
Multi Purpose Caddy 47x31.5x14.5cm
Square Basket 39x39x30cm
Stacking Basket 38x30x12cm
Basket 37x25.5x15cm
Laundry Basket Small 53x35x20cm
Laundry Basket Large 65x44x24cm
Anatomic Laundry Basket 32Lt.
Anatomic Laundry Basket 50Lt.
Anatomic Laundry 64x43.5x24.5cm
Recrangular Laundry Basket 35Lt.
Basket with Folding Legs 64x43x29+32cm
Foldable Crate w/Collapsible Legs 39x24.5x36cm

Storage Unit 3 Drawers / Storage Unit 4 Drawers
24hr Briefcase
Stool Large 38x30x24cm
Stool Small 29x21x18cm
Storage Box w/ Lid 37x28x22.5
"DODO UP" 40 Lt. Flip Lid Box
Storage Box 30 Lt.
Cube Storage Box
Folding Crate
Folding Crate 62L
Folding Crate 45L
Viola Folding Crate 32 Lt.
Utility Box w/Tools Organizer Lid (L)
Utility Box w/Tools Organizer Lid (S)
Super Bingo-Bullet Bin 25L
Super Bingo-Bullet Bin 45L
Fill Box, Set of 5
Do Do Flip Lid Box 58 L

Bucket 7Lt.
Bucket 10Lt.
Bucket with Steel Handle 5Lt.
Bucket with Steel Handle 10Lt.
Bucket with Steel Handles 7Lt."Nostalgia"
Bucket with Steel Handles 10Lt. "Nostalgia"
Mop Wringing Bucket 14Lt.
Square Basin 34x34cm
Square Bowl 34x34cm "Baci & Tappi"
Round Basin Classic 16cm, h 6.5cm
Round Basin Classic 20cm, h 8cm
Round Basin Classic 24cm, h 9.5cm
Round Basin Classic 28cm, h 11cm
Round Basin Classic 32cm, h 12.5cm
Oval Basin Classic 55x40x22cm
Square Basin 30x30cm / Square Basin 38x38cm
Round Basin Classic 36cm, h 14cm
Round Basin Aurora 20cm, h 9cm
Round Basin Aurora 24cm, h 10.5cm
Round Basin Aurora 28cm, h 12.2cm
Round Basin Aurora 32cm, h 14cm
Round Basin Aurora 36cm, h 16.5cm
Square Basin Aurora 24Lt. 55x38x20.5cm
Oval Basin Aurora 24Lt. 55x38x20.5cm
Oval Basin Aurora 38Lt. 67x43x22.5cm
Pedal Dust Bin w/Waste Bag 18Lt.
Pedal Dust Bin 18Lt.
Trellis Pedal Bin 16L
Dust Bin Kombi Box 25Lt.
Dust Bin Kombi Flat 50Lt.
Pedal Dust Bin Carolina 6Lt.
Pedal Dust Bin Carolina 16Lt.
Swing Top Dust Bin 9Lt-19x23.5x39cm
Swing Top Dust Bin 15Lt-22.5x28.5x47cm
Swing Top Dust Bin 25Lt-25x31x51.5
Swing Top Dust Bin 50Lt-40x32x65cm
Swing Top Dust Bin 9Lt-24x19x37.5cm
Swing Top Dust Bin 15Lt-29x23x44.5cm
Swing Top Dust Bin 25Lt-32.5x26x49.5cm
Swing Top Dust Bin 50Lt-41x32.5x62cm
"Hoop" Swing Top Dustbin Small 25L
"Hoop" Swing Top Dustbin Big 45L
Universal Bin 8Lt.
Universal Bin 23Lt.
Universal Bin 46Lt.
Waste Paper Basket 12Lt.
Round Wash-Tub 20Lt. "Nostalgia"
Wash Tub 12Lt. - 44x29x18cm "Nostalgia"
Wash Tub 28Lt. "Nostalgia"